Wealth and Righteousness: A Story Written in the Stars

Episode 179 May 30, 2024 00:28:50

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God wants us to understand righteousness and the connection to health, wealth, and prosperity. So, what do righteousness and wealth have in common? For starters, knowing that you are righteous can help you walk in the wealth that God intends for you to have! From Abraham to David, there are several patriarchs who walked in righteousness before Jesus came onto the scene. How? Find out in today’s episode of The WealthBuilders Podcast! Mike Davis shares about God’s heart for His people to prosper and His divine will that was written in the stars since the beginning of time. Tune in to learn how great wealth is in the house of the righteous (Proverbs 15:6 NASB).

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: This is what he says. Be careful not to forget the Lord who rescued you from slavery in the land of Egypt. But just like you said earlier, this is the main thing that God wants us to not forget. Don't try to do this on your own strength. Don't try to go outside of God, so to speak. You just make sure everything comes through the outlet of God. [00:00:21] Speaker B: That's so good. [00:00:21] Speaker A: And God says, I want you to have this stuff. [00:00:39] Speaker B: Welcome to the Wealth Builders podcast. Today I have got Mike Davis, my friend, and I call you my brother Mike, because you're like, my brother is joining us. And this is going to be so amazing. I actually can't wait for this because, Mike, I think you're kind of on fire with a message. [00:00:57] Speaker A: I really am. It's just really been speaking to me the last few weeks, and I believe God has a word for it. [00:01:03] Speaker B: I believe so, too. So we are going to just get right started with Mike. [00:01:08] Speaker A: And the topic is it's righteousness and how God wants us to have a revelation of righteousness because it's tied to wealth. And so I think it's just, it was an eye opening thing for me, you know, because I just feel like, Karen, that you look at the life of Jesus and he never asked God for anything as far as health wise or getting his needs met. He just didn't. Every need was always met. And I've thought about that, and it's not because he was a son of God, because the Bible says in Philippians, he laid down his attributes as being God. So he was a man like you, and woman like us. But I believe that Jesus knew who he was, obviously, but he was righteous. And then if you take that same teaching all the way back to all of the patriarchs and the people in the Old Testament, those men, and they were flat out wealthy. They were wealthy. And so I started digging into this, and one of the first ones was Abraham. And I thought, you know, there's a story of Abraham in Genesis 15 five. It says, then he brought him outside. This is God speaking one on one to Abraham. And he said, look now towards the heaven and count the stars if you're able to number them. And he said to him, so shall your descendants be. And he, Abraham believed in the Lord, and he accounted it to him for righteousness. And I've heard some teachings on this, and I'm thinking just because God told him something, that he believed it, it didn't sound right that that made him righteous. And because in the New Testament, the only way to be made righteous is that you have to believe in Jesus. And so how did Abraham, how did he get accounted for righteousness? Well, I think there's something underlying this. [00:03:09] Speaker B: I was like, that's a great question. Why are you minds want to know? [00:03:12] Speaker A: Yes. All right. Well, the word count, if you look it up, it means this in Hebrew to declare, to tell the story. So it's not like he looks up at the stars and he goes, 12345. That's not what he's saying. It says, look up towards the heaven and count the stars. You know, if you just read that on surface level, it's just like, okay, 1001. No, it means that God is telling a story by him looking up at the stars. [00:03:46] Speaker B: Wow. [00:03:46] Speaker A: So what story is he telling? Well, if you. There's so many scriptures and the Bible about the constellations. Now, I know, you know, the devil has tried to rob that and did all kinds of tarot cards and all that, but that's all garbage. But nonetheless, God is the one who put the stars into space, and he created the twelve. The major constellation was his design. That was his design with virgo, meaning the virgin being the first one, the last one, leo the lion. [00:04:18] Speaker B: Oh, my goodness. I never caught that before. That is so rich. [00:04:25] Speaker A: It's going to get better and better and better. So there is a message in the heavens that God was explaining to Abraham. So when people said, oh, yeah, Abraham believed God, and that's what made him righteous. No, no, no, no. And I can prove that because in John, chapter eight, verse 56, Jesus himself said, your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day. And he saw it and was glad. So when did Abraham figure? When did he see about Jesus? When did he. You can read Genesis all the way to the end, and you don't see any story about Jesus as far as in the natural. But in the story of the constellations, Abraham's looking up there and God is telling him about the virgin birth, the coming Messiah, and he's going to be the lion of the tribe of Judah, and his name is going to be Jesus. And the Bible says, and Abraham believed it. And then the next scripture says, and God says, you're going to be righteous because you believe in my son. [00:05:32] Speaker B: Wow. So even though. Okay. Even though Jesus had not died and gone through everything, because he believed on Jesus before all of that, that righteousness was there for him. [00:05:45] Speaker A: Yes. [00:05:46] Speaker B: Wow, Mike, that's amazing. [00:05:48] Speaker A: Well, and it's a principle in God, you know, this syrophoenician woman. I believe it is. Yeah. So the syrophoenician woman, when Jesus, she was crying out for her daughter, be healed. And Jesus says, you know what healing is? The children's bread. So it wasn't until after the resurrection that the covenant was for everybody. But this woman reached into the future and said, it's true, Lord, but even the crumbs, it's all the dogs need. So she reached into the future and grab hold of the promise of God. And what did Jesus say? Be it unto you. [00:06:23] Speaker B: And you're probably going to talk about this, too, but David, because David lived during the law, but he was righteous by righteousness. [00:06:31] Speaker A: He was righteous. [00:06:32] Speaker B: Oh, my goodness. This is good. [00:06:33] Speaker A: All of these people that are wealthy, all of these people that were wealthy in Old Testament, they were righteous people. And guess what? They knew they were. They knew. They just didn't have a relationship with God. They knew they were righteous. And so to solidify this, in psalms 19, one four, it says this. This is the passion translation. It says, this is a poem by David. It says, God's splendor is a tale that is told. His testament is written in the stars. [00:07:09] Speaker B: Wow. [00:07:10] Speaker A: Space itself speaks his story every day through the marvels of the heavens. His truth is on tour. And the starry vault of the sky, showing his skill in creation's craftsmanship, each day gushes out its message to the next night with night whispering its knowledge to all. Without a sound, without a word, without a voice being heard. Yet all the world can see its story everywhere. It's gospel. What is that? The gospel. It's clearly read so all may know it. So these patriarchs, the people in the Old Testament, they knew about the constellations. God started teaching them, and I'll tell you what, they got ahold of the gospel message. They probably didn't understand it. You know, it's a lot easier for us because we're looking to the history, but they understood that there was a. [00:08:03] Speaker B: Coming messiah through the constellations. [00:08:05] Speaker A: Through the constellations. [00:08:07] Speaker B: Oh, my goodness. And they. I just am going to like, it's like too good to be true news, right? But. And they reached into the future. [00:08:16] Speaker A: They reached in the future, and God counted it to him, said, if you believe that, because God is not, he's not all wrapped up in time like we are before the foundation of the earth. He made a way for, for salvation. Before the earth was even created, he already had a plan for salvation. So time is never a problem. It's never something that God says, no, we're going to have to work this out. No. God looks at it and says, if you believe me, that's all that matters. That's all that matters. But all of these people, I mean, God. And I started noticing this, that God deals with people who are righteous, his children that know that they're righteous. Not only does he deal with them differently, but he talks to them differently. You know, in the old covenant, thank God we have a better covenant. But even in the old covenant, when David had an affair, premeditated murder and all of this, well, even under the old covenant, he should have been killed. [00:09:11] Speaker B: Exactly. [00:09:11] Speaker A: He should have been stoned. He should have been killed. You know, you're out of there. But this is what, how God dealt with David when he confronted him. He sit there and he said in two Samuel, chapter twelve, verse eight, he says, I gave you your master's house, his wives and the kingdoms of Israel. And let me just clarify something there. You know, he didn't take Saul's wives, but it was the culture at that time. When you defeated a kingdom, you got everything that was theirs. And so that's basically what God, he was talking culture to culture to David, so he would understand this. He says, I gave you your master's house, your wives and the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. And if that had not been enough, I would have given you much, much more. [00:09:55] Speaker B: Wow. [00:09:56] Speaker A: Instead of saying, you know, okay, your days are over, he, God deals with people who are righteous. Just like Karen. How you would deal with your children and with Levi and Carly, I should say, I mean, we deal with our children unlike anybody else's kids. When we deal with our kids, like we're going to correct them. Yes. But I tell you what, you talk about grace and mercy and the blessings of God, we would never withhold that from them. [00:10:25] Speaker B: That's so true. [00:10:26] Speaker A: And this is the way God's attitude is towards people who know that they're righteous. And we are so brainwashed sometimes that God is out to maybe get us or he doesn't want us to have so many nice things. Oh, you're getting too much now. You're getting too much. And God sit there and says, all. [00:10:43] Speaker B: You had to do, I would have given you more. [00:10:45] Speaker A: I would have given you much, much more. Much, much more. So knowing you're righteous can help you walk in the wealth that God intends for you to have. [00:10:55] Speaker B: Wow. [00:10:56] Speaker A: He wants you to have multiple, multiple things and good, good things. And so sometimes we just, I think we just put it in our religious mindset. Yeah, that. You know what? I don't know. [00:11:08] Speaker B: You know, this is too much. [00:11:09] Speaker A: This is too much. This house is too much. Even in the old covenant, God wanted his people to know big things. [00:11:16] Speaker B: You know, there's something else in there that I'm hearing, too, is that God is saying that he wants to be our source. [00:11:24] Speaker A: There you go. [00:11:25] Speaker B: And if he's our source, it's like, it's never going to be too much. Right? [00:11:31] Speaker A: That's good. [00:11:31] Speaker B: But as soon as, like, David went outside God for a source, you know, went outside of him with what he did. And that's where God is saying, if you would have just come to me, I would have given you anything. You didn't need to go outside me to fulfill this desire or to get something. [00:11:50] Speaker A: And it's outside of God. And so, I mean, that's the heart of our father. [00:11:54] Speaker B: Wow. [00:11:54] Speaker A: Just come to me. And this is what it says in proverbs 15 six. Great wealth is in the house of the righteous. Man, did you guys hear that? [00:12:04] Speaker B: Great, great wealth. [00:12:05] Speaker A: I mean, if he would have just. [00:12:06] Speaker B: Said, okay, wait a minute. What scripture is this? [00:12:09] Speaker A: This is proverbs 15 six. Proverbs 15 six. Is this new american standard. Great wealth is in the house of the righteous, but trouble is in the income of the wicked. And, wow. [00:12:21] Speaker B: I just have to pause there a moment like, mike, you are, like, delivering what I would call truth bombs here. [00:12:26] Speaker A: It's good stuff. [00:12:28] Speaker B: It is so good. But how many times have we read that scripture and just didn't see it that way? This is incredible. [00:12:36] Speaker A: And again, this is written in the old covenant. [00:12:40] Speaker B: Wow. [00:12:41] Speaker A: God is even saying that if you understand that you're righteous, it doesn't matter about the covenant you're in. [00:12:47] Speaker B: Wow. And how much more do we really have in Jesus? Because we don't have to live by the law. Jesus paid the price, but this time thing has really got me going. But I don't want to get us off track, but I'm really curious about that, being able to reach into the future, because God does not know time. [00:13:06] Speaker A: He does not know time. A day with the Lord is a thousand years. A thousand years is the day. It doesn't matter to him. But I give you one more. Psalms 112. This is one through three. Praise the Lord. Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in his commandments. And that basically means, for somebody who's righteous, his descendants will be mighty on earth. The generation of the upright will be blessed. Wealth and riches will be in his house, and his righteousness endures forever. Again, he's talking about righteousness in the old covenant, but he's linking that to wealth and righteousness in your house. [00:13:45] Speaker B: And it endures forever. [00:13:46] Speaker A: And it endures forever, which, you know, wealth builders are really strong about leaving a legacy for our children. What God says, I can help you with that. I can help you with that. If you understand and get a revelation of righteousness, then this will automatically just flow down. And I believe Abraham. He obviously, you know, when lot went and traveled with him, well, the Bible in two. Peter calls lot righteous. Now, if you look at, you know, I mean, I tell you what, I have to swallow hard to understand it, because if you know the story of lot, he was like the worst father on the planet. But anyway, we won't go into detail, but God called him righteous. Karen. [00:14:26] Speaker B: Oh, my God. [00:14:27] Speaker A: And guess what? Abraham and lot were so wealthy that they had to split up because the Bible says the land couldn't even hold all of their cattle and their flocks. They had too much, so they had to split. [00:14:41] Speaker B: And then lot took the better. [00:14:43] Speaker A: Yes. [00:14:44] Speaker B: And Abraham didn't even complain about it because he knows his wealth is coming from God. [00:14:48] Speaker A: That's the key. That's the key. And matter of fact, when he rescued lot, some of the kings and the people wanted to put the wealth on to Abraham, and he says, no, no, no, I'm not even taking a shoelace, because he says, I don't want anybody to say that man made Abraham wealthy. [00:15:06] Speaker B: He knew God was. He knew God being his source. He was only going to allow God to be his source. [00:15:13] Speaker A: And he didn't want people to say, they made Abraham rich. He was going to say, God made me rich. [00:15:20] Speaker B: Wow, Mike, isn't that so good? Super powerful. [00:15:24] Speaker A: It is. And so there's so many people that we're familiar with. Solomon, David, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, lot, Joseph, job. How about job? People talk about that. And guess what you can look at. I've got it in here somewhere. But Job, it's in there that when God was confronting him, it says that it uses the word in the King James version, Mazaroth. If you look that word up, you know what it means. [00:15:53] Speaker B: What? [00:15:54] Speaker A: The constellation. Job knew about the constellations. [00:16:01] Speaker B: Oh, my goodness. [00:16:02] Speaker A: So these people knew about it. And if they knew about the constellations, guess what? They knew the gospel. They knew about Jesus. They knew about Jesus. So guess what happened to job. You know, people want to say, I'm just like job, or whatever, but that took nine months. The whole book of Job took nine months. And the Bible says at the very end, he had twice the wealth that he had. And at the beginning, he was the wealthiest man up till that time. [00:16:30] Speaker B: It's only nine months. [00:16:32] Speaker A: Nine months. The whole book of job is nine months. [00:16:35] Speaker B: I did not know that. [00:16:36] Speaker A: Yeah, it's nine months. So people say I'm just like job, and I want to say, well, just hang on for nine months and look how good you're going to be. I wouldn't say that, but, you know, being sarcastic. You know what I mean? Yeah, but, you know, he says, the Lord. And there was no book or the Bible or scrolls for job to read. The only gospel he had was what he read out of the stars, what God showed him. [00:16:59] Speaker B: My goodness. [00:17:00] Speaker A: And even knowing that, though. So that's why he said, the Lord giveth. The Lord taketh away. You know, people say that at funerals and everything, but, you know, you read on to job 42, and he said, I said things I knew nothing about. I should basically. I should have kept my mouth closed. But having said that, when God confronted him, God was kind of saying, can you direct the bear and its cubs? He's talking about the constellation. And so when. If he's talking to him about the constellations, you know, job knows about that. God's not going to bring something up that he doesn't know anything about. [00:17:35] Speaker B: Well, it's encouraging, too, because a lot of times, I think a question that people have is, we have the Bible, but what about people that didn't have the Bible? Right? And you're kind of answering that God spoke to them through nature. Constellations. [00:17:49] Speaker A: No excuse. [00:17:50] Speaker B: Wow, that is really powerful. [00:17:52] Speaker A: It is. And it answers so many questions, because like you said in the old covenant, like, you know, they didn't have wi fi. Look up everything. [00:18:02] Speaker B: They didn't have an iPad. You know what? [00:18:04] Speaker A: They had something that every day, the Bible says that God or Abraham looked up to the stars, and he was mindful of the promise of God. He was mindful of the promise of God every single night of his life. [00:18:17] Speaker B: My goodness. [00:18:18] Speaker A: So that's a powerful thing. [00:18:19] Speaker B: That's powerful. [00:18:21] Speaker A: In deuteronomy, chapter six, verse ten through twelve, it says, the Lord, your God will soon bring you into a land that he swore to give you when he made a vow to your ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It's a land with large, prosperous cities that you did not build. The houses will be richly stocked with goods that you did not produce. You will draw water from cisterns you did not dig, and you will eat from vineyards and olive trees that you did not plant. When you have eaten your fill in this land, I think that's total prosperity. This is what he says. Be careful not to forget the Lord who rescued you from the slavery in the land of Egypt. So just like you said earlier, this is the main thing that God wants us to not forget. Don't try to do this on your own strength. Don't try to go outside of God, so to speak. You just make sure everything comes through the outlet of God. [00:19:12] Speaker B: That's so good. [00:19:13] Speaker A: And God says, I want you to have this stuff. You know, people says, well, I don't know if God wants me. This is old covenant. [00:19:19] Speaker B: Wow. [00:19:20] Speaker A: And he says, I'm going to bring you to where you're going to have so much good, so much stuff. And I'm telling you, you know, somebody says, how much is too much money? It's when you quit trusting God or go outside of God. And so I believe, Karen, this has really helped me. It's, you know, renewing your mind is one of the number one things. [00:19:42] Speaker B: Yes. [00:19:42] Speaker A: And so this is a constant thing. I think Paul says, I keep pressing forward. Well, I think one of the things we have to press forward in is to think more like God. [00:19:51] Speaker B: Yeah. And bigger. [00:19:53] Speaker A: Bigger. You know, Andrew, you know, Womack sit there and he said, you know, that God told that he wasn't thinking big enough. And, Karen, I believe we have that until the day that we die, we're never going to be out. Think, oh, God's never going to say, hey, hey, now, hold on, hold on. You're getting a little bit too big. Are you kidding me? [00:20:13] Speaker B: It's like that scripture you're talking about with David. I would have given you more. Much more, probably. You know, I would have given you more. [00:20:21] Speaker A: I know it. [00:20:22] Speaker B: When we see the full reality of. [00:20:24] Speaker A: This, I believe it is. It's such an eye opening thing to know that when we understand righteousness with God, that is a key ingredient that I feel like, you know, that I even felt like Jesus walked in, that his main message was telling people who he was, you know, why. He knew his identity. He laid down his godly attributes as far as that goes, but he knew he was sent by God. I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life. He knew that he was righteous. And I believe righteous people, they don't have to worry about things at all. Jesus never worried, Karen. [00:21:04] Speaker B: So when we get off in that stress, like, I'm over here focusing on the problem, how do we, like, get back? Mike? [00:21:12] Speaker A: Like, well, I think we have to constantly renew our mind, first of all, to know that how much God loves us. And you have to renew your mind. And I just believe this, Karen. This is my opinion. You know, when Jesus was in the boat and he told the disciples were going to the other side, and I've even preached messages about this and saying that that was his word of faith that got them to the other side. But I think I have another opinion on this. Jesus was totally asleep. The boat was totally filled with water. I'm an air force guy. I'm not a navy guy. But I do know one thing. When boats are full of water, they sink. [00:21:51] Speaker B: Yes. [00:21:52] Speaker A: You don't have to be in the navy to know that they sink. His boat did not sink. But the disciples were scared enough that they were flipping out. And we started yelling and shaking Jesus and saying, don't you care? We're going to drown. This is it. So they were professional fishermen, and so they understood this. Jesus has casually got up and he rebuked the winds and calmed the waters and told the disciples, you know, where's your faith? But he didn't have to deal with that. Why? [00:22:21] Speaker B: Why? [00:22:22] Speaker A: I believe he knew that the righteousness that he had inside him and that he possessed that ship couldn't go down because he was righteous. [00:22:33] Speaker B: Wow. [00:22:34] Speaker A: I believe, Karen, that, and look at another thing. I know we're just about out of time. I want to make this one more point, just one more point. And that is this. How, if Jesus is our example, how come he didn't have to rebuke sickness off of him? Why didn't he have to rebuke any attack of physical. There's no Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. There's nothing that Jesus is recorded that Jesus. Okay, I take authority over what's coming against my body. Never. Yeah, never. Now, I don't know about you, but I've done that multiple times with my body. In which I'm not saying that's a wrong thing, but I am saying there is even a higher platform of level for us to live by. And that is when you know that you're righteous, you are like Teflon when it comes to sickness, to poverty, anything in deuteronomy, chapter 20, anything to do with the curse, you're Teflon to that. You don't even have to deal with it. I believe there's a level like that. [00:23:31] Speaker B: Because you're living up here. [00:23:32] Speaker A: You're living up here. [00:23:33] Speaker B: It's sort of like that scripture that talks about we're sitting at the right hand of the father, seated in heavenly places. So I used to imagine that, you know, I'm sitting there and my feet are dangling over the edge or whatever, but that all the stuff that people do is under our feet. [00:23:50] Speaker A: Under our feet. [00:23:50] Speaker B: And so sort of like that placement of a visual, like, I'm sitting up here right next to Jesus and all these problems are down here. I have another question for you with that. Do you think, too, because Jesus knew what was ahead of him, right. And he knew that that was going to be fulfilled, so there'd be no way that that would sink because God had spoke like he knew what was ahead. So sometimes if we've got, you know, a destiny, we know, like, what God has called us to, maybe we've received a prophecy, and if we have not yet seen that come to pass, that can actually give us strength, too, to just like, well, I haven't seen this yet, so I'm not dying now, you know, no way. [00:24:32] Speaker A: Like the woman reaching into the future, hey, I'm going to grab hold of this. [00:24:35] Speaker B: Yes. [00:24:35] Speaker A: And so you don't have to worry about that. But I believe that's a good part of that. That's a good point. It's a good point. [00:24:40] Speaker B: Wow, Mike, this is amazing. [00:24:43] Speaker A: Amen. [00:24:43] Speaker B: So let me try to bring it into something practical. I like to connect the dots, right. So if we've got people listening and they're hearing what you're saying, but they're just not seeing, like, how do I live this way? How can I possibly live this way? And they're looking for that bridge to sort of, like, bring their mind into the truth of this, you know, what would be a couple good steps for them? [00:25:09] Speaker A: Well, I do think, you know, Billy is strong on the practical side, but I think the first thing is we have to renew our mind to this. [00:25:16] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:25:17] Speaker A: Of taking the limits off knowing who you are in Christ, your identity, you knowing that you're righteous. And then, you know, Andrew talked about how healing, we already have it. Well, if that's true about healing, I believe that's true about prosperity. I believe that's true about wealth. So that wealth is on the inside of us. But this is the problem with where the church, where we have missed it. We're not walking in the healing that has been deposited on the inside of us. We are not walking in the prosperity that is on the inside of us. So I do think there's some steps that we need to take. You know, whether it's, you know, how we got started is in real estate. But I think that takes a lot of the fear out, because if you know that God wants us to prosper. It's easy to go out and be a little risky, if you want to call that and doing business deals and starting. Maybe there's people here thinking about starting a business. If you know that you're righteous, your boat's not going to sink. [00:26:16] Speaker B: That's so good. [00:26:17] Speaker A: Your boat's not going to sink. So don't wait, you know, like, well, I'm just not for sure. Righteous people. We can't fail, Karen. We cannot fail. So start the business, buy the property, go into the stock market. Whatever you feel led to, do, whatever's on your heart's desire to do the side hustles, whatever they may be, you know, get going with it. Because. Because God is not just your partner, he's empowered you. You know, we quote that scripture, Ephesians 320, God will do exceedingly above all that you're asking us. Thank. According to the power that is in us, we have the ability to not only succeed, but to be abundantly wealthy. So wealthy. So wealthy. So wealthy. [00:27:02] Speaker B: And so just to agree with what's on the inside is a great first step. Because it's like if we know we already have it and we are identifying with who we are in Christ, when those problems come, or things that might look like they're pushing against it, it's like, well, I know I've won here. So, Lord, just give me wisdom on how to walk this through because we know we have the victory. [00:27:21] Speaker A: Amen. [00:27:21] Speaker B: Wow, that is amazing. Okay, so, Mike, you are such a great teacher and I can't believe how blessed your congregation is to have you as their pastor. [00:27:33] Speaker A: Oh, thank you. [00:27:33] Speaker B: Wow. So will you just share with people because you're online too, right? [00:27:36] Speaker A: Yes. [00:27:37] Speaker B: How can they tune in or visit your church? [00:27:39] Speaker A: Our website, RMF and we're on YouTube. If you Google Rocky Mountain family church or on the YouTube channel, Rocky Mountain Family Church will pop up. [00:27:50] Speaker B: Wow. It's so great. Amazing. Thank you so much, Mike. And thanks all of you for tuning in. I know this has been a blessing for you. We are so grateful for you. Our wealth builders family, share this podcast with people that you think would be blessed by it or encouraged. And we are just. We're just so happy to have you here, Mike. And just all of the leadership that you impart, the coaching, this is like you are the pastor in our real estate coaching. [00:28:19] Speaker A: Oh, it's a blessing. [00:28:19] Speaker B: And, you know, if you're in the coaching program, you know, you get to hear stuff like this all the time. We're always looking at Mike. It's like, okay, Pastor Mike, will you, like, pray for us, will you? What do you got here? In meetings, I'll look at you and I'm like, Mike, because I know he's got a word. This was powerful, Mike. Thank you so much. Thanks, all of you. God bless you and have an amazing rest of the day.

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February 09, 2023 00:25:03
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Unlock Financial Opportunity: Your Guide to Profitable Problem Solving

Are you tired of hearing bad news about the economy? We’re here to tell you that there’s nothing to fear. When the economy is...


Episode 53

January 13, 2022 00:15:59
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Put Your Money Where Your Values Are: Biblically Responsible Investing

Making a difference with your money isn't hard. In fact, now it’s easier than ever to make conscious decisions about how to allocate your...