How to Pass Down a Financial Legacy: 7 Encouraging Tips

May 11, 2023 00:31:05
How to Pass Down a Financial Legacy: 7 Encouraging Tips
The WealthBuilders Podcast
How to Pass Down a Financial Legacy: 7 Encouraging Tips

May 11 2023 | 00:31:05


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If you want to keep wealth in your family, there are some things you need to know about passing it on to the next generation. Starting a family business, investing in real estate as a family, or gifting an inheritance can be overwhelming. So, in this episode of The WealthBuilders Podcast, we’re here to share some biblical encouragement to help you persevere in your wealth building journey. In this episode, Karen Conrad Metcalfe and Dave Metcalfe share seven encouraging tips for maintaining generational wealth. Listen to learn how to leave a legacy that can make an enduring difference.


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